Universal Equipment is a proud Supplier of Energenics Corporation and their Lint Filters and Air Washers here in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands.

Our Sales Department will help provide with the knowledge and support of trained mechanical and electrical engineers to assure your needs are met. We also offering technical support, project commissioning and a preventive maintenance programs on all the equipment that we sell.

About Energenics Corporation

Energenics offers innovative products to solve problems in the commercial laundry industry. Our products remove lint and dust, resolve air flow issues and attack the bacteria generated by healthcare textiles. We will provide these products by partnering with equipment manufacturing and knowledgeable distribution representatives to maximize market coverage and service availability. Our Mission can only be accomplished with products that exceed expectations supported with excellent service.

The Company

Energenics was founded in 1974 in Aurora, Illinois. It pioneered the “dry” style lint filter for large industrial dryers. In the early 1980’s Energenics moved to Naples, Florida where it remains today. During the 80’s Energenics introduced energy saving filters that returned the filtered air back to the dryers and resulted in savings of fuel above the 20% mark. Today Energenics manufactures over 50 different Lint Filters for both the OPL markets and the larger commercial dryer application markets. Energenics enjoys and supports an installed base of over 7,500 filters worldwide.

SINCE 1990

Lint Filter models were increased from 15 to over 50 different filters. To assist with air flow issues with ducting to and from the filter, Air Flow Optimizers packaged booster fans and variable frequency drives to minimize, and optimize dryer back pressure. Automatic Laundry Cart Washer/Sanitizer “Kartwasher”, was introduced in 1995, they include manual load and fully automatic processing models. AALF, “Lint Scrubber”, air cleaning vacuum style filters were introduced to clear the air of lint and dust generated by the mechanical handling of textiles, ironing, folding etc.



  • Dryer Exhaust Filtration
  • FRP Space Saver
  • In-Plant Air Filtration
  • Dryer Exhaust Air Control
  • Mobile Surface Disinfection
  • Lint Scrubbers
  • Air-Flow Optimizer
  • Lint Filters
  • Air Washers

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