Universal Equipment has been a proud Supplier of National Pump Company and their Submersible, Jets, Sprinklers and Centrifugal Pumps here in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands. National Pump Company offers an assortment of products such as: Vertical Turbine, Vertical Pump, Irrigation Booster for Municipal and Industrial use.

Our Sales Department will help provide with the knowledge and support of trained mechanical and electrical engineers to assure your needs are met. We also offering technical support, project commissioning and a preventive maintenance programs on all the equipment that we sell.

About National Pump Company

National Pump Company serve commercial, industrial, municipal, power, residential, mining, oil and gas and agricultural irrigation needs, each National Pump produced is an individual pumping system designed to do a specific pumping job. Precisely matched drivers, discharge heads, impellers, bowls and column /shaft assemblies deliver consistent pumping capacity.

Types of Pumps

We offer a full range of vertical turbine and submersible pumps, water or oil lubricated, of threaded or flanged construction, with capacities to 20,000 GPM and pressures up to 2,000 PSI. All pump models are in stock as standard materials, and they can be customized at the service center level. National Pump Company also manufacture custom pumps, using special alloys and coatings to suit your specific needs. We have multiple patterns in order to meet special alloy requirements in a timely manner.



  • Vertical Line Shaft Turbine
  • Submersible Turbines
  • Submersibles/Jets/centrifugals

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