Universal Equipment has been a proud Supplier of Rainwater Management Solutions and their Vortex Filters, garden, Downspout and Standpipe Filters; Smoothing Inlets, Floating Filters and their Multisiphon Overflow Devices here in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands.Rainwater Management Solutions features an assortment of products such as: Rainwater Harvesting, Vortex Filter, Floating Filter, Smoothing Inlet, Rain Water Catchment, UV Disinfection.

Our Sales Department will help provide with the knowledge and support of trained mechanical and electrical engineers to assure your needs are met. We also offering technical support, project commissioning and a preventive maintenance programs on all the equipment that we sell.

About Rainwater Management Solutions

Rainwater Management Solutions is an industry-leading professional services firm, specializing in turnkey solutions for rainwater and stormwater management.  Our knowledgeable staff has a combined experience of over 60 years in the rainwater harvesting business.

Rainwater Management Solutions bring a commonsense, cost-effective approach to addressing the escalating issue of water conservation and management through its innovative rainwater harvesting system designs and its experienced, knowledgeable staff. The expertise of the staff encompasses industries directly impacted by water management issues.

Their Mission

Rainwater Management Solutions provide a complete rainwater harvesting system and solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural projects. The firm provides professional design and consulting services to its clients, which include development, engineering and architectural firms seeking specialized rainwater and stormwater management systems design capabilities.



  • Pre-Tank Filters
  • Smoothing Inlets
  • Floating Filters
  • Multisiphon Overflow Devices
  • Submersible Cistern & Booster Pumps
  • Filtration & Purification Components
  • Backup Water Supply
  • RMS Controllers

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