Universal Equipment has been a proud Supplier of Stancor Pumps Inc. and their Electric Submersible Pumps, Pump Control and Oil Minder Pump Systems here in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands. Stancor Pumps Inc. offers an assortment of products such as: Oil Minder, Elevator Pump and Dewatering Sump Pumps.

Our Sales Department will help provide with the knowledge and support of trained mechanical and electrical engineers to assure your needs are met. We also offering technical support, project commissioning and a preventive maintenance programs on all the equipment that we sell.

About Stancor Pumps Inc.

Stancor Pumps Inc. is a Dewatering and Electric Pump Systems company dedicated to providing our customers with effective and specialized solutions for individual needs. We offer a complete line of pumps including heavy duty dewatering pumps, heavy duty slurry pumps, plastic utility and sump pumps, low-suction drainage pumps, multi-purpose sump pumps, stainless steel centerline dewatering pumps and non-clog effluent pumps.

Pump Manufacturing

Stancor manufactures a broad line of MSHA approved explosion proof pumps. From 115 volt, 1.2 HP through 75 HP. Pumps are constructed from light weight alloys through extensive use of many stainless steel components for long life. Pumps in the dewatering line have rubber clad diffusors for ease of adjustment to maintain efficiency. The Slurry pumps have availability with hard alloy wetends and others with all stainless steel construction. We provide the longest approved cable lengths in the industry as well as multiple types of MSHA approved controls and junction boxes to maximize their use in mining applications. Approved voltages available in 115, 230, 460, 575 and 950 volts. The MSHA line of submersibles is built right here in the USA.

Stancor Pumps Inc. Puerto Rico



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